Modern Health Care System

The modern health care system has a four tier structure. The system starts acting at a preventive level in the community before the onset of any disease. The Patient is tackled by the Primary health care tier for all types of health issues and is treated there and then in majority of case scenarios. Patient is gradually moved from the lowest ladder of primary health care to the upper ladders of secondary and tertiary levels depending upon the nature and extent of his illness.

Objective : ” To ensure a dedicated and devoted specialized, professional, structured, health care for public”

Preventive Health Care

The specialists in preventive care plan at Governmental, institutional or community level for controlling preventable diseases. They have special role in maintaining hygiene and sanitation of a community as well as in inculcating awareness regarding health and disease in masses.

Primary Health Care

The Doctors working at Primary care level (Family Medicine Specialists / Qualified Specialist GPs / Simple GPs) treat all the members of a family for most of the common illnesses. They also provide necessary Health advice and arrange referrals to different specialists at secondary or tertiary health care levels when required. The key element of a primary health care set up is Family Physician.

Secondary and Tertiary Health Care is Provided in Hospital Setups

Secondary care is provided by smaller or medium level hospitals while tertiary care is usually offered at state of the art bigger hospitals which are usually the teaching institutions.

The more individualized is the problem the more specialized becomes the solution.

Secondary Health Care

Doctors working in bigger hospitals including medical specialists, surgeons, pediatricians, gynecologists, dermatologists, psychiatrists, ENT specialists and ophthalmologists etc. provide secondary care.

Tertiary Health Care

Special Hospitals or state of the art dedicated departments in bigger hospitals dealing with certain sub specialties covering single organ or organ system related diseases provide the tertiary care. Examples of tertiary care centers include Cardiac centers, Burn units, orthopedic units, Kidney centers etc.


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