About Us


I am Dr Malik. I have several decades of clinical experience as a family medicine specialist during which I have managed the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of medical care for at least several hundred thousands of patients. During my practice I have learnt a plenty of healthcare secrets which are not mentioned in textbooks in addition to the textbook medical knowledge. I have witnessed that a lot of what is being practiced as a standard either does not benefit the patients or in many situations even harm their health. Then there are many myths and beliefs about health and nutrition in the general public which are not based upon scientific evidence.

Over the years I have learnt why many diseases do not respond to standard treatment. Most of the times the real cause of any disease occurrence is not properly understood and treatment strategy is based upon false assumptions which is bound to fail. There is too much reliance on antimicrobials without understanding why microbes cause illness selectively in some people sparing others. Similarly there is undue reliance on anti-inflammatory drugs without understanding the basis of inflammation.

Through my practice and learning I have understood the extremely high importance of diet, nutrition and life style in keeping a person health and in preventing or healing diseases. Similarly understanding the concepts of inflammation and Fasting are also vital ingredients of the healing science. Exploration to the secrets of long life is another interest of mine.

During my journey I also explored areas of alternate medicine especially homeopathy, studied, researched and had many interesting experiences. I pondered why or how something that has no physical availability of a drug in it can work as at the commonly used 30C potency of homeopathic drugs there is practically no drug molecule left in it.

In addition to these core health and disease concepts I have learnt or evolved several handy tricks that help in various disease conditions which I have found extremely useful simple and easy.

So the objective of this website is to share with humanity what I have learnt over the decades so that people can make better informed health choices. Your input along the way will make this journey to health more interesting and rewarding.

Dr Malik