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Author Topic: sensitive natures  (Read 2033 times)

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sensitive natures
« on: November 15, 2011, 04:15:00 PM »
how can one get rid of the sensitive and emotinal nature.or in other words how can one control emotions?how long can it take ?by sensitive i mean thinking over a negative thought again and agian how can one become an optimist?

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Re: sensitive natures
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2011, 07:42:16 PM »
Dear Uroosa it is not about getting rid of sensitive nature it is about training yourself to become strong.

It is just like if someone says that he gets tired after walking a few meters or climbing upstairs. Is he weak? Is weakness per se a disease in him? should we remove weakness from him? The method of tackling this issue is working the other way round that is we advise such a person exercise plans to improve his stamina. By gradually building up his stamina he will automatically get rid of his weaknesses.

Same is the case with sensitive nature. One has to train oneself for appropriate situational behavior. Regarding thought no one is certain from where does the thought arise. It is in fact a billion dollar question and whosoever answers it with proof and certainty will become the most popular person in the world immediately. Thought control is usually achieved through meditation. All religions focus on this aspect. From Islamic standpoint thought originate from three sources. one is original personal thought; second is satanic thought; third is divine thought. Now for an untrained mind it is extremely difficult to figure out the original source of thought so great caution is needed while following thoughts or for that matter dreams.

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