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Author Topic: Basic Health Issues  (Read 5207 times)

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Basic Health Issues
« on: November 08, 2011, 10:48:47 PM »
Basic Health Issues

Following is a list of our important health issues. Please feel free to comment on these and add those to the list which you find missing here. These issues matter to every Pakistani and you must raise your voice.

  • We have a poorly organized health care structure. We need to clearly define the four tier health care system and reorganize our health apparatus accordingly thus enhancing its credibility as well as functional capability.
  • Our health priorities are not properly defined. We work in a reactionary way in response to issues. That is why our health machinery is mainly controlled through a plethora of various programs instead of a general purpose & competent health provision system. We should clearly define our Health issues, Health priorities and Health policy.
  • We neither have insight nor physical existence of a properly functioning preventive health care system. Instead of an adhoc service we must have full time properly functioning public health departments at all levels.
  • We neither have insight nor physical existence of properly functioning Primary Health care facilities.  We lack experts in the field of Primary health care. The field of Family medicine needs to be properly highlighted, promoted and utilized by govt to the best of its advantage and to the advantage of public.
  • We like to spend more on secondary and tertiary care centers while neglecting primary and preventive care systems although by spending less on preventive & primary health care we can save a lot on secondary and tertiary level treatment.
  • Majority of our public belong to socioeconomic strata that cannot afford the costly medicines and treatment procedures. We must endeavor to reduce the cost of medicines and procedures. We should work around the system to accommodate everyone under health umbrella. We should quit the concept of free treatment. We should adopt the concept of affordable treatment for all.
  • Promotion of Research in Medical Field towards self reliance on production of pharmaceuticals and medical equipments is a must to reduce the cost of treatment.
  • There is a circulation of fake medicines, poor regulation & standardization of pharmaceuticals. More authenticity & Transparency needs to be imparted to pharmaceutical standardization, licensing and control procedures.
  • Quackery should be clearly defined and assumed to be a crime and therefore it should be stopped forthwith.
  • Our Public lacks health education. A national health education curriculum should be devised that should enable every citizen to know certain dos and doníts regarding health. Public should also be made aware of legitimate / illegitimate and scientific /unscientific methods of treatment.
  • A gap exists between our medical training focus and our on ground health issues. Training structure & Curriculum of our medics/paramedics should be revised in the light of our own socioeconomic environments. Instead of blindly following books of foreign authors we should endeavor to prepare our own curriculum corresponding to our own needs through specially designated institutions/bodies by incorporating the services of existing bodies.
  • Demand and supply of health professionals for different services has not been properly worked out resulting in gross discrepancies at various health care giver levels. A statistical analysis in realistic terms of availability of health professionals in comparison to actual needs is needed and directed efforts are required to equate the availability of manpower to actual demand.

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Re: Basic Health Issues
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Greaty sharing...........