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Addiction and Mental Illness Touches Every One.
"Alcohol Becoming An Equal Opportunity Destroyer".
Mental Health Emergency and Human Resilience Attorneys
Instant Intelligence For Your Wisdom! The Present Tense of Pakistan!
A man takes a drink, the drink takes another, and the drink takes the man.
Spread The Word “Addiction — A Chronic Relapsing Brain and Family Disease”
“Addiction is anything we continue to do despite negative consequences; besides drugs & alcohol, these can include work, food, sex, exercise, parenting or even cleaning”.

MentalHealthPakistan.Org  Accredited MINDS — Optimizing BRAINS For The Present Tense “Fetal Alcohol to Alcoholism Spectrum Disease, Narcotics Drug & Psychotropic Substances Abuse Inpatient / Intensive Outpatient Detox & Rehab House, Addiction Denial Behaviors Counseling For Change, Effects of Serious Psychiatric Illnesses On Felony / Misdemeanor Offenses, Forensic Mental illness Civil & Criminological Disorders Law Courts Family Inclusive Interventions in lieu of Convictions and A Centre for Peace in Health Care & Back Channel Diplomacy”.

The Nation’s Number One Bio / Psycho / Social / Cultural / Spiritual Family disease across all societal boundaries, affect genders, every ethnic group and people in every Tax bracket.

Consolidated leading Agenda for Digital Citizens that provides a diverse educational curriculum on the family dynamics on relapse prevention, interventions in lieu of convictions, structured counseling for change, treatment, recovery and cogent law management. As concerned Pakistani, we cannot wait any longer for a solution relating to the entire Emotional and Intellectual responses of Natives to reality, Abusing of Mood—altering chemicals & Criminalization crisis that affect various Generations, Cultures & Rituals.

An Obligatory Manifold Mission of MentalHealthPakistan.Org advising to ensure extension of special assistance and due care extended maximum assistance and priority to senior citizens, disabled and handicapped persons in using their Legal needs as far as possible in meeting their genuine requirements in order to alleviate their hardship.

One of the Leading rapidly established itself as a Premier, Respected and Trusted National Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Psychiatric Illness & Bipolar Disorders Rehabilitation and Legal Interventions. A Project of PAKandUAElawyers.Com of longitudinal study of many untreated heavy drinkers & their relatives in Pakistan.

Modus Operandi!
The Cause is dedicated to the Millions of Individuals, Families and Rehabilitation Houses who work tirelessly and ensuring Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Rights.

Licensed Law Practitioners, Addictionologists, Clinical Interventionists, Counseling Psychologists, Addiction Psychiatrists, Carefrontationists and being a full time students of these fascinating fields we are available in full swing to walk around in your mind fields for relative comforts for more self—directed practices and they all need to have a "Lawgic Clinic" with you for your HR faculty for nurturing our field(s) of interests & concerns of many populations too in the field of Secondhand Drinking / Drugging / Smoking / Codependency Connections and Concurrent Disorders. These all enable us not only to fully realize our potential but also enhance mental horizon, vision & outlook by providing with reputed credentials.

MentalHealthPakistan.Org has an Ability to Help Disability!
It’s not all about receiving support – people also had a strong and genuine desire to help others through their contributions online. We want to make it easy for people to ask for and give help by letting people discover areas of expertise, find people who need support and enable people to acknowledge when content has been useful. HOPE (Hang On To Power Everyday) exists to make this Pakistan a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we'll be here and hope nay sure that we are Proud to be Pakistani all are looking for.

MentalHealthPakistan.Org have a professionally responsible practice with some of the Country’s leading Personal injury, Product liability, Clinical / Medical negligence, Legal Malpractice & Ethics, Disciplinary Consultations & Representations, Employment, International and Human rights Teams. Unlike other law firms, we firmly act exclusively for claimants who've been injured or treated unlawfully by others.

Clinical Negligence Solicitors, Medical Legal Consultants, Expert Witnesses & Reciprical Referral Relaters!
Specializing in providing Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys with Medical-Legal Consulting and testifying Medical Expert witnesses; providing all services from medical record analysis to deposition and testifying. Working for both Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys and feel strongly about defending Physicians who have not breached standard of care and protecting those patients who are victims of legitimate malpractice. Additionally, we connect Attorneys with Physicians of all specialties to help them navigate and win their Medical Cases.

Professionally & Natively yours,

+923332244634 / +923002176393.
Studying Attitudes, Mapping Violence.
Director—Pakistan Khair For Families—Australia.
Leveraging Technology to Become the Urgent Care Model for Behavioral Health.
Pakistan's Leaders in White Collar Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment Professionals Management @ Workplace.
(Grievances Ambassador, Arbitrator, Counselor, Back Channel Diplomat, Adjunct Faculty Correspondent, Real Time Digital Content Development Writer, Standing Counsel @ Treatment & Rehabilitation Centres for Victims of Torture).

Khair For Families Limited; ACN: 161 470 186; ABN: 37 161 470 186; Australian Public Company, Regulator: Australian Securities & Investments Commission, Registered Office: MERRYLANDS NSW 2160, Australia.

Clinical Trial Lawyers. Not Settlement Lawyers.
Adjudicate Under the Domain of Felonies and Misdemeanors (Drug Abuse Neglect Cases along with City Code Violations). Charged With A Criminal Drug Based Offense? 

Lawgic Clinics @

Tweet Tunnels @

Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) / Prescription Legend Drugs (PLD) / Strict Liability For Drug Induced Deaths (Defending Drug—Induced Crime Probation Violations) / Mental Impairment / Insanity & Drug Crimes Criminal Defenses / Discrimination / Disability / Guardianship Advocate High & Supreme Court’s; Speaking For Those Who Can't Or Won't Speak Because of Fear / Shame / Guilt / Marginalization / Stigmatization.

Creative Alternatives to Courtrooms, Boardrooms & Screening Rooms.
Integrated Mental Health Crisis Response Court Liaison Support & Diversions
Experts Weigh In On Addiction's Most Challenging Pharmacological Dilemma
Court—Monitoring Services are available on a Monthly basis as needed or as requested.
“Concentrate on restoring people’s lives, most of the Public Health & Crime issues will take care of them.”

Google Verified Registered Corporate Headquarters and State-of-The Mental Health Arbitration Attorney-Prospect Privileges Structured Forensic Psychology & Medico-Legal Integrated Board Consulting Chambers Driving Directions @ Rehab Block-10, Gulshan-e-Iqbal; Suite # 1/6—A, Ground Floor b/w American Centre / Rangers Chowki & Nursery Fly Over, Commercial Area, Mohtarma Laeeq Begum Road, Off Main Shahrah—e—Faisal, Block—6, PECHS & Sindh High Court, Karachi—Pakistan. PTCL Lines (+9221) 34388088 / 34388089 / 34200586 / 34200587. Cell +92320LAWYERS (5299377).