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Author Topic: Pharmaceuticals  (Read 2096 times)

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« on: November 08, 2011, 10:25:02 PM »

The main objective is to provide high quality affordable medicines to Pakistani while flourishing local research and manufacturing at the same time

Strategies should be adopted to curtail the very high profit margins in pharmaceutical sector through introducing healthy competition without affecting open market or quality of products.

  • Any deals with foreign pharmaceuticals/Legislation against public interest should be carefully revised.
  • A central drug research institution should be established. It should bring within its jurisdiction the present redundant national drug testing laboratories thus reinvigorating them. The same institute should commence study of new drugs especially through testing the old traditional medicines. In this way any effective traditional medicines would be properly identified and put into use.
  • Proper structuring and revision of policies regarding pharmaceuticals.
  • Efforts are needed to control circulation of fake medicines.
  • All pharmaceutical manufacturers, importers, exporters should be properly licensed after thoroughly assessing their production units and manufacturing standards. Only those companies who fulfill the desired standards of production should be allowed to bring their products to market.
  • A fool proof and crystal clear mechanism for assessment of pharmaceutical manufacturing, storage, transport and marketing must be established.
  • As drugs can freely circulate in different parts of country after manufacturing at a particular location so their control must become a federally administered subject.
  • A Federal government official Pharmaceutical website designed to clearly provide all the pharmaceutical related information for health sector as well as public must be made. A complete list of licensed Pharmaceutical companies must be available there.  The website must also contain pharmaceutical related laws, policies, production standards, standards assessment system, procedure for getting license, and complaint cell regarding any pharmaceutical malpractice that comes into notice of any citizen.
  • The revision of standard assessments must be carried out annually by a well paid, competent team of honest members whose identity is not made public. Multiple teams thus created will be assigned different regions annually on random selection basis. These revisions must be accordingly published in the proposed website regularly.
  • The surprise checking teams will either be given legal powers or they should include a magistrate so as to summarily deal with the offenders by imposing penalties ranging from confiscation of stocks to imposition of fines or imprisonment in case of case of criminal acts of faltering medicines or knowingly supplying/Marketing faltered medicines.
  • Prohibition of unauthorized sale of medicines. A list of over the counter medicines should be decided and freely circulated among pharmacies. Sale of any other medicines must only be through authorized prescriptions.