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Author Topic: Quackery  (Read 1972 times)

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« on: November 08, 2011, 10:20:18 PM »

There is absolutely no check in our country as to who can or cannot provide health services. This is the easiest business venture where absolutely no qualification or experience is needed.

  • We must abolish quackery in all forms.
  • We have got unanimity of opinion regarding crimes against personal property and body but we are confused in case of crimes against personal health.
  • Quackery should be clearly defined. Laws should be promulgated to define authorized as well as unauthorized health care. Quackery and unauthorized health care giving should be penalized under law.
  • A doubting attitude like “this may work” at official level must now be stopped forthwith.
  • Only scientifically proven methods must be allowed practice.
  • Modern medicine is now EBM (Evidence based medicine). Today only those drugs/Medical Procedures which bring evidence of efficacy and safety are allowed.
  • Any traditional methods of treatment if claimed to be effective must be brought before a central research institution to verify their validity. Only after getting proper evidence regarding their efficacy/safety those methods will be authorized.
  • There are numerous health hazards of inappropriate health practices which include; injudicious use of medications causing organ damage as well as creating resistance to multiple organisms in case of antibiotics, spread of infections though indiscriminate use of injections, delay in reaching appropriate diagnosis and thus appropriate treatment resulting in disease aggravation, creating misconceptions in public regarding health issues for the sake of financial gains which in turn create negative trends among public regarding health.