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Author Topic: Health Education  (Read 2497 times)

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Health Education
« on: November 08, 2011, 07:48:13 PM »
Health Education

  • Health Education: No mechanism exists to properly educate masses about health related issues in a systematized manner. Any education given so far is in context of a particular program with focus on selective points like malaria control, population planning etc.
  • A mandatory health education curriculum for the masses should be prepared which should be brief and to the point but still comprehensive enough to cover a basic knowledge of health and disease, hygiene and sanitation, common locally prevalent diseases, preventive health, structure and responsibilities of health care system. This curriculum should be taught to masses through electronic media as well as through inclusion into educational syllabus.
  • People are confused regarding selection of health care facility due to lack of proper education on the subject. Devising proper health care system and thoroughly introducing it to public through media campaign can make the public aware of scientific and non-scientific treatment methods. People are intelligent enough to realize that they should use the latest technological advancement for facilitating their day to day needs, but when it comes to health they are still having so many superstitions and misconceptions that they very frequently utilize inappropriate, unproven and hazardous methods for their treatment.
  • There are many elements in our society which keep on enforcing as well as propagating these false beliefs through propagandas for the sake of monetary gains. It thus becomes a prime responsibility of state to educate the masses regarding scientific/unscientific & legitimate/illegitimate systems of health care.

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Re: Health Education
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Education is important for all