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Author Topic: 8 ways 'ghee' can benefit you  (Read 29 times)

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8 ways 'ghee' can benefit you
« on: September 25, 2018, 02:35:54 PM »
Nowadays, jars of ghee are shoved to the side in a bid to be healthier. However, did you know that this neglected product has a remarkable spectrum of health and beauty benefits?
Made from milk, it contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and much more. So it comes as no surprise that ghee has been a valued food product for decades. From aiding the digestive system to conditioning frizzy hair, here are eight ways ghee can benefit you, as compiled from The Indian Express.

1. Rids you of dark circles

Lack of sleep, stress and too much work seem to be issues for everyone these days. Times like this call for ghee application to aid in the reduction of dark circles. Apply a small amount, lightly around the eyes before getting your beauty sleep and you’ll get rid of them in no time!

2. Tames frizzy hair

Ghee is full of fatty acids and antioxidants, making for a tremendous hair conditioner for dry and frizzy hair. Mixing a little olive oil and ghee together will help condition your hair – making it soft and shiny. Mixing lemon juice with ghee will sort out your dandruff issues too.

3. Conditions chapped lips

With winter soon approaching, chapped lips will be every girl’s problem. Applying warm ghee before bedtime will result in soft, supple lips.

4. Helps in getting glowing skin

Ghee has long been an essential part of various beauty care rituals. Its essential fatty acids act as a nourishing agent that can do wonders on dull, tired skin.

5. Reduces belly fat

Ghee comes packed with essential amino acids that could reduce belly fat. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids aid in losing body fat.

6. Has anti-inflammatory properties

Not only is ghee great for naturally treating burns on the body, it is also widely used for swelling. The fat is known to ease both inflammation and burns on the skin when applied to the affected area.

7. Aids the digestive system

Ghee can improve the digestive system as it is quite rich in butaric acid. It also helps with the stimulation of stomach acid secretion.

8. Strengthens the immune system

Loaded with a high content of rich antioxidants, ghee improves the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals better, keeping the immune system strong.