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Author Topic: Pakistani scientists develop arsenic water filter using watermelon rind  (Read 33 times)

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A team of Pakistani researchers has successfully developed a cost-effective technology to clean poisonous arsenic in drinking water through watermelon rind.
Scientists at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) examined many natural biowastes for arsenic removal and finally discovered that chemically modified “xanthated watermelon rind” is the best to catch arsenic usually found in abundance in groundwater across many parts of the world.
According to World Health Organisation (WHO), arsenic is naturally found in soil and groundwater in many countries. Arsenic pollution is common in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, China, Pakistan and some parts of Americas. Long exposure of arsenic polluted water is lethal and 43,000 people die of it annually.
Arsenic is found in wells and deep reservoirs. Various methods and filters are available to clean the arsenic from water, but some of them are very costly and thus unaffordable due to their high price. But the watermelon rind filter is the cheapest method developed, thus far.