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Author Topic: Customer Care Services  (Read 52 times)

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Customer Care Services
« on: August 17, 2018, 12:41:14 PM »
Custom care services are involved with different sorts of practical works like housework, shopping, laundry and help the people with their paperwork and the personal affairs. The care workers provide the services of supporting of people to meet their personal care needs. We have custom care workers, who support the people in doing different task. They help the people in personal care, which is intimate support to the person in washing or dressing or use toilet or prepare the meals. They help the elderly people to take medicines and manage the incontinence. If you want the services of the custom care to meet your requirements, then you feel free to contact with us to get the custom care service at the most affordable and highly competitive rates.
Give a loved one the gift of a custom care package and sign up today!
Plan Hours   Hours Included   Hourly Rate   Price Per Month
BASIC 10   10   $18   $180
BASIC 20   20   $16   $320
PREMIUM 40   40   $14   $560
PREMIUM 60   60   $12   $720
PREMIUM 80   80   $10   $800
PREMIUM 120   120   $10   $1200
PREMIUM 160   160   $10   $1600
Basic package hours will be calculated on 15 minute increments.
Premium package hours will be calculated on 10 minute increments