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Author Topic: Funeral Services  (Read 46 times)

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Funeral Services
« on: August 15, 2018, 02:29:33 PM »
When your loved ones are departed from you permanently, it is very sad occasion for the people. At this very critical moment, it becomes difficult for them to handle the funeral service and other services. When someone is died, then his/her relatives start the preparation of the funeral services by providing kafan, bathing of dead body, offering of last prayer (janaza prayer), recitation of Holy Quran, burial of the deceased and other events. In the big cities, the graveyards are located at far off places and it becomes challenging to reach to the graveyard. We provide the services of the funeral by providing kafan, bathing of deceased, and burial of the dead body in the graveyard, arrangement of transportation taking the people to graveyard. We also provide the funeral services to people of different religions as we have expert and professional workers, who are adept in their work. We provide the funeral services to the clients at the highly competitive and affordable rates. You should feel free to contact with us for the provision of quality and excellent funeral services to the clients.
We are offering:
Newspaper announcements
Informing relatives
Receiving bodies arriving from abroad
Transporting body to morgue
Bathing the body
Obtaining permission for burial (as required)
Janazzah – Taking the body to graveyard
Supplying traditional kaffan
Prayers in mosque
Arranging for Dua / Qur’an Khattam
Arranging food services at home
Arranging for transportation to/from the graveyard