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Author Topic: MWC BEST MOBILES  (Read 335 times)

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« on: March 13, 2018, 01:46:11 PM »
Mobile world congress ended last week, and today we will tell you about some of the  biggest  announcement made by the MWC if in case you missed anything.
This year the mobile industry show mobile world congress took place in fira de Barcelona, Spain, many of the companies showed their flagship products in order to show the world their best products.
We are bringing you the highlights of the MWC as in case you have missed any of the biggest announcements.
The world largest mobile manufacturers, Samsung have launched its new s9 and s9+ models, making its series continue. They didnít bring any new or outstanding feature but made improvements in the existing one.
The improvements have been made in the camera department, with the variable apertures allowing you to change between f/2.4 and f/1.5. This feature was not available in s8, with the super slow motion feature, shooting up to 960 frames per second in 720p.
Now coming to the design the design of s8 was widely criticized for placing the fingerprint right next to t he back camera making it hard to reach. Fans liked the fact that Samsung has finally managed to place the finger print sensor in the right position below the camera in s9.
HMD global, the company got the license for making the smart phones under the nokia brand name and has released 5 smartphones this year. The phones that has been released this year includes nokia 1, nokia 6 2018 edition, nokia 7+ and nokia 8 sirocco.
During the last year nokia has upgraded the feature phones (nokia 3310 3G/4G), nokia also released the reboot of 8810 which is also known as the banana phone, and this phone was firstly released in 1998.
The new model also supports 3G and also came with decent specifications; the most noticeable thing is the battery with the life of 25 days with single charge.
xperia xz2 and xz2 compact were released by the oldest phone company Sony. All the new phones of the company lie under a new design known as ambient flow.
According to the Sony Company they are the first set of phones to offer the ability to shoot 4K HDR content. The xz2 not the compact version also allows you to charge the battery wireless, dynamic vibration and more.
It also left the Samsung behind in terms of offering the ability to record up to 960 fps at 1080p whereas Samsung can only do it at 720p.
Vivo made quite show this year with its new apex concept. It also featured a bezel-less screen with close to 90% screen to body ratio. The fingerprint sensor is placed on the bottom half of the screen.
The working is really simple, you just place your finger anywhere at the bottom half of the screen and it detects your fingerprint like a normal sensor.
Another main feature in the phone is the double finger print system. You can make the vivo apex to read two different fingerprints at the same time for more security.
Andy boxall from digital trend points out, that you can use this feature to add finger prints of two people to unlock the phone, this system is helpful in a situations where the phone is used by the  for  banking or other business, allowing your partnerís finger print as well.
Now talking about  the front camera, itís not built into the display, unlike all the other phones you have seen before, a mini camera will slide outside when you are taking selfie and will automatically slide back in when you will switch to the back camera, quite impressive.
Keep in mind that apex is just a concept for now and vivo is aiming to built such features in their new future products. You will see the sliding camera feature in one of their future phone and the double finger print feature in another.
Redefining the term iphone rip-off, asus released the zenfone 5 line featuring 3 phones which looked familiar.
After watching the image, the phone seems quite familiar to the iphone x. since its launch, the zenphone is been termed as an iphone clone. The phone has the feature of wireless charging and water proof feature. It offers all the things that iphone x offers at low price. All this still doesnít save it from bad publicity.
The bad news is that none of the zenphone is water resistance. Whereas the asus was also copying iphoneís design and they made their own emojis as well, and they are called zenimoji.
The fact is that they almost copied everything from apple without any hesitation; while also referring to appleís flagship as the fruit phone x. like you canít make stuff like this.
For defending their product the companyís officials were quick and went on so far to even mock the iphone x ironically leaving the tech enthusiasts disappointed.
Think that they copied the world most famous phone and got the guts to back it up by pretty statistics.
The phone v30s thinQ with 6gb ram and 128gb of storage was released at the conference, which is a rebooted version of v30 which was released in 2017.
The device got all range of features, mainly the LG voice commands and an enhanced camera that automatically adjust shooting modes.
The capability of image recognition has also been added in the phone which allows you to scan the QR codes without opening another app and also provides you the information about the certain household products, and takes your shopping experience to another left.
This year alcatel has announced 3 new smart phones at consumer electronics show. And we saw this happen at MWC with the alcatel 4,3 and 1 series being released, and itís been the total of 7 smartphones.
All are the mid range smartphones and that means that they are not that much expensive, all coming in at mid range prices. All the phones have 18:9 ratio displays, and also have the design of latest trends.