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Author Topic: Pharmacy and pharmaceutical institutions, registration and regulatory bodies  (Read 6024 times)

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Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP)

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP)

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) was established under DRAP Act, 2012 (Act No. XXI of 2012). DRAP  is  to provide effective coordination and enforcement of the Drugs Act, 1976 (XXXI of 1976) and to bring harmony in inter-provincial trade and commerce of therapeutic goods. DRAP is  an autonomous body under the administrative control of the Federal Government with its headquarters at Islamabad.DRAP is an Authority that is composed of a Chief Executive Officer and thirteen Directors, and a Policy Board that oversees the working of DRAP and gives Policy Guidelines. Presently DRAP is attached to the Ministry of National Regulations and Services. Ministry of National Regulations and Services has been renamed in May 2013 as: "Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination"

Mission To ensure availability of quality therapeutic goods at affordable prices and to support public health.


Pharmacy Council of Pakistan

Pharmacy Council of Pakistan is a professional body responsible for the registration of pharmacists and promotion of pharmacy education in the country.
The  Pharmacy Council Pakistan (PCP) is the regulator established in terms of the Pharmacy Act, 1967 to regulate pharmacists, pharmacy support personnel and pharmacy premises in Pakistan. Our mandate is to protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and well being of patients and the public who use pharmaceutical services in Pakistan.

Punjab Pharmacy Council

Punjab Pharmacy Council, established under Pharmacy Act 1967 as amended in 1973, with the crystal clear objective to regulate the practice of pharmacy. The Secretary Health Government of the Punjab acts as President (Ex-officio) while the secretary, bears the office of Punjab Pharmacy Council to execute and exercise all the legislative functions (Section-23 of the Pharmacy Act, 1967) as;

Registration & Renewal of Pharmacist (Register-A)

Enrollment of Pharmacy Apprentices (Register-C) [Discontinued]

Examination & Registration of Pharmacy Assistant (Register-B)

Examination & Registration of Pharmacy Technician (Register-B)

Prepare and maintain Registers of ;

Graduate/Post Graduate Pharmacist

Apprentices in Pharmacy

Pharmacy Assistant & Pharmacy Technician

Issuance of Good Standing Certificate.

Verification of Certificate

Publication of Text Books of Pharmacy for Pharmacy Assistant & Pharmacy Technician  as per the approved curriculum.

On the Job Training of Pharmacists/Drug Inspectors.

Refresher Course for Qualified Dispensers/Chemists.

Inspect institutions (in coordination with Central Council) imparting pharmacy education to ensure standardized Education and Training.

To do such other act & things as it may be empowered  or required to do by the Pharmacy Act, 1967.


Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association

The Pharmaceutical Industry is a human Industry an industry which caters to the health of public and is therefore of significant importance. As such, the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association came into existence on January 26, 1961 and the Government of Pakistan through the Ministry of Commerce registered PPMA as the only Representative body of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Country. The Government issued a Licence to this effect under Section 26 of the Companies Act, 1913 on July 18, 1961 . The Association was formally incorporated under the Companies Act, 1913 by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.

At the time of establishment of PPMA there were only ten members throughout the country who are the founder members of the PPMA and it was through their efforts that this Association came into being. Now, today the Membership of the Association is 210 (Approximately), who possess the licence for manufacturing drugs granted by the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan against a total number of 350 units approximately.
The Pharmaceutical industry Comprises around 400 manufacturing units including over 350 national or Pakistani owned and licensed manufacturing unites and 25 licensed International subsidiaries of well known worldwide based Pharmaceutical Corporations.

PPMA feels strongly about the fact that all its members possess all requisite facilities necessary for the production of pharmaceuticals of quality and should comply with CGMP standards.

PMA has its head office located at KARACHI with two Regional office, viz. Punjab & NWFP Regional Office at Lahore and Sindh & Balochistan Regional Office at Karachi .
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