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Author Topic: Promotion of Surgical and Medical Equipment Manufacturing in Pakistan.  (Read 2772 times)

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Identifying and promoting local medical equipment manufactures. Identifying areas where local manufacturing in medical equipment can be done through coordination between relevant non-medical goods manufacturing concerns and current medical equipment manufacturers.

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Evolving Reliable and Market acceptable system of standardization and ranking our industry according to such standards so as to give international market credibility to our exporters.. By this we will also encourage manufacturers as a whole to meet international standards.
Evolving a system of education regarding technology transfer, market pulse and standardization consciousness for our manufacturing concerns.
Prospects of standardization of quality of refurbished & used medical equipment being imported.

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Re: Promotion of Surgical and Medical Equipment Manufacturing in Pakistan.
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In Pakistan mostly people are using recycle surgical and medical Equipment this is not good and its harm for human according to medical research

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