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Author Topic: Quacks, Quackery, Medical Malpractice, Healthcare menace, Patient Sufferings  (Read 8298 times)

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Introduction to Quackery  

Who is a Quack A quack is an untrained person who pretends to be a physician and who dispenses medical advice.

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Word of mouth of a person alone, that he is qualified to treat does not suffice. People need to be properly educated to ask for a proof of qualification in the form of a degree etc.

A Patient Visits Quack

Once a patient walked into my clinic with two syringes full of blood in his hands and asked me to test those. He had gone to see a pehlawan for his backache who sucked out some bad blood from his legs with those syringes to cure his disease. Now he wanted me to see what was bad in that blood.
Can you understand the implications of that single incident?

What can we say about the attitude of the patient; ignorance, innocence or stupidity?

What are the main risks with quacks

  • A quack can put the health and life of a patient being treated by him in danger due to lack of proper professional knowledge.
  • The patient is distracted from getting proper treatment on the assumption of being treated by the quack which can result in advancement of disease.
  • Indiscriminate use of injections by these quacks is main cause of the rampant spread of Viral Hepatitis in our country.
  • Many a times these quacks put the life or organs of their patients in danger by embarking upon those therapeutic procedures or using those medicines regarding which they have the least knowledge.
  • Indiscriminate use of several life saving antibiotics by these quacks is rapidly producing resistance in several dangerous germs. Such resistant strains frequently pose great challenge to the doctors and put the lives of critical patients in danger.
Who is responsible for this flourishing of Quackery
  • The quacks themselves who indulge into treatment practices in spite of the awareness of their ignorance of proper knowledge.
  • The government due to its apathy towards the social problems of our nation and its lack of will to set the health care system right.
  • The general public due to its ignorance of modern medical knowledge and lack of effort to seek the right professionals.
  • The doctors due to their passive role in the current mess. It is their responsibility as well to shout it loud and clear to government and masses that there must be no place for quackery in our country.
So what is the Scenario?   There are two arguments in favor of letting quacks run their businesses:
  • They earn their bread and butter through this profession
  • It is all about freedom. Every one is entitled to adopt whatever profession he wants.
Can we really afford to let them play havoc with the health and lives of our ignorant people? Will not the educated lot blessed with knowledge  be held responsible one day, for all the current social evils due to its silence?       

Is there any comparison between a doctor who enters the profession after a tough competition then learns his skill under close supervision of experts of field for many years and at immense expenses and a quack who has highly dubious knowledge about therapeutics and does not possess any valid qualification? 
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