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Author Topic: Family Physician, GP Specialits or Specialist in General Practice.  (Read 3121 times)

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Family Physician or GP Specialist.

A Family Physician is the first doctor whom a family consults for any health related problem in a modern health care system.  Family Physician is more of an institution than an individual.  Family Physician is the prime health care giver and health advisor for a family. This institution of family physician offers a close bond between a single doctor   and families dependent upon him for their health services. The Family Physician is  well aware of the health status, diseases prevalent, inherited and family disorders, as well as social circumstances of a family. He keeps the medical record of a family so he is always in a better position to treat any member of that family as he is likely to know the root cause of the illness better than any other specialist who is not fully acquainted with the family.

Difference between a Family Physician & a Family Medicine Specialist.

The Family Physician is a doctor who is providing the services of health consultation to all members of a family. He may or may not be a Family medicine specialist. So the designation of Family physician comes from the appointment and not from the specialty.
A Family Medicine Specialist on the other hand is  that Family Physician who has received advanced training in the field of Family Medicine according to the stipulated program of CPSP and afterwards qualified the postgraduate examination. Family Medicine specialist is expert in diagnosing and managing common health problems of all members of a family.

Expertise of a Family Medicine Specialist.

As a specialist in Family Medicine receives advanced training in diagnosis and management of common diseases / health problems prevalent amongst all members of a family in Pakistan therefore he is in a better position to perform the services of a Family physician than a non specialist general practitioner. A Family Medicine Specialist is well versant with common diseases of all members of a family, and in addition he is acquainted with all family members so he in a better position to diagnose and manage the common illnesses of a family.

Role of Family Physician in Primary Health Care:
  • Family Physician is the back bone of any health care system.
  • In fact he is the one whom you call "My Doctor".
  • A Family physician is health advisor and primary health care giver for a family.
  • He is the one who treats all the members of a dependent family for most common illnesses.
  • He is the one who helps you decide when to seek expert advice from a specialist/management facility from a secondary or tertiary care hospital & thus ensures Judicious Referrals.
  • Your Family physician is fully aware of your family health background, so he is in a better position to make prompt judgment in case of any health problem.
  • Your Family physician keeps complete and proper Medical Record of your family.
  • Family Medical specialist is properly trained in most of the common health problems faced by all the members of the family which include common medical illnesses, pediatric, dermatological, psychiatric, ENT, ophthalmologic, Geriatric, Gynecological and Surgical Problems, so in fact he is a multidisciplinary specialist.
The Era of super specialization undermined the vital institution of Family Physician.   Every specialist has an expertise in his own specialty but whenever the case falls beyond his domain he is often helpless due to least experience in other fields. This often leads to patient mismanagement and frustration. There is no substitute for a dedicated family physician. 
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