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Author Topic: Primary Health Care Services Concept , Situation and problems in Pakistan  (Read 6912 times)

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Ideal Primary Health Care Facility 

It is the first stop treatment facility for each and every individual in the health care system of a country.

Objective : " To make accessible an authentic, standardized, low cost health care facility that effectively diagnoses and treats majority of case of illnesses occurring in a common household"   

Staff  of an Ideal Primary Health Care Facility

An Ideal Health Care facility in our setup should have following staff:
  • A Family Medicine qualified doctor to head the setup.
  • A female doctor.
  • A Maternity Trained Lady Health Visitor.
  • A Lab technician.
  • A Medical Assistant.
  • Administrative staff including watchman and sweeper.
Equipment of an Ideal Primary Health Care Facility
  • Basic diagnostic equipment of a General Practitioner's Office.
  • Equipment for minor surgical procedures.
  • Equipment for conducting normal delivery cases.
  • Lab Equipment for carrying out certain basic lab investigations.
  • Ultrasonography machine.
  • Small X Ray machine.
  • Pulse Oxy meter
  • ECG Machine
  • Equipment and furniture to accommodate 5-10 indoor cases.
Functional Capabilities of an Ideal Primary Health Care Facility.

It should be able to diagnose majority of common household illnesses.
It should be able to effectively treat majority of common household illnesses without resorting to help from any advanced facility.
It should be able to cater for maternity care of the dependent population.
It should be able to carry out the recommended vaccination program for the population.
It should be able to provide necessary health education to the dependent population.

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Present Status of Primary Health Care Facility in Pakistan  

The current situation of primary health care structure in Pakistan is quite pathetic and needs extensive rehabilitation to put it into right order of delivering good.
Primary Health Care has been somehow effectively removed from the priority lists of our decision makers.   Basic Health Units A comprehensive network of BHU's was established throughout Pakistan several years ago to provide primary health care facility up to the remotest areas of our inhabited lands. Unfortunately this system lost its effective vigor due to multiple factors; the most important being an ignorance of our top decision makers regarding its vital importance in the health care structure.

The common issues hindering the functional capabilities of BHU's include:

Non serious attitude towards regular appointments of doctors and other staff on merit.
Problems with the salary structure and other facilities at BHUs.
Use of adhoc policies in the working of BHUs instead of running those as planned institutions.
Lack of proper equipment and medicines at BHUs.
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Lady Health Workers Program

Lady Health Worker program is basically a limited mandate and limited scope health program which is being touted by Pakistan government as a primary health care program to cover its inefficiencies.

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LHWs are neither properly qualified or trained nor they are mandated to provide health care for a diversity of illnesses to the family. Their main role revolves around provision of information and devices for family planning. Due to their community links they are better placed in communicating such information to the general public without creating any resentment coming out of social taboos. They have a limited role in controlling infant mortality as is claimed but provision and prescription of antibiotics to infants through their services is professionally highly questionable.
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