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neurological disorder

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My mother age 54 years was suffering from severe headaches last month. on examining doctor found that she has a problem with blood pressure. she started taking tablet to control BP as advised by the doctor meanwhile she also went thorugh "Plain MRI Brain Scan" as advised by the doctor. report concludes that "Intra and Extra cerebral CSF spaces and cerebellar folia are dilated" suggestive of cerebral and cerebellar atrophic changes.basal cisterns and cortical sulci also show dilation"
Kindly tell me what it means and is it normal?
what could be its effect particulary on brain and then overall body
Her blood pressure is in good control now and she is taking medicine regulary as advised by the doctor but even then she feels head ache especially in mid of head and when we check BP on the time of head ache it appears to be normal. what can be the reason of this head ache?? and what could be the affects on her of this disorder as concluded in MRI scan.

Kindly help me
Kind Regards

Every person suffers from a gradual loss of brain cells over his or her life. In some this degenerative process is slow while in others it may be relatively fast. This brain degeneration may appear as the changes of cerebral and cerebellar atrophy on MRI along with dilated CSF spaces. Other possibility may be raised CSF pressure which is causing headache as well as the brain atrophy. Please show your mother to some neurophysician for proper evaluation. In such cases the headache may be due to benign muscular strain or stress if relieving high blood pressure is not helping her. What is the response of common analgesics like nuberol forte on her headache?

Common Analgesics only helps her in reducing about 10 to 12 percent of headache. due to this headache she sometimes could not be able to sleep whole of the night and we have observed that her memory is getting more and more weak every day. We will get her checked by a neurophysician mean time Can you please suggest us some diet she should include in daily meals inorder to stay mentally healthy and to reduce the affects of fast loss of brain cells.

Kind Regards

There are many missing links in reaching a proper diagnosis of your mother's illness.

You may need to elaborate her headaches like its exact duration of onset, location, timing and duration of each episode, trigger factors if any, relieving factors if any, severity etc.

Duration of onset of severe headache is one month as u said. It calls for further investigation to the cause and raises the suspicion of organic brain disorder.

Alzheimer's Disease is a common old age related degenerative brain Disorder but it usually starts after 60 years and gross brain changes only become evident after many years of illness. Alzheimer's disease has symptoms of memory loss; thinking process, decision making and understanding problems along with psychiatric symptoms.

As control of blood pressure fails to correct headache therefore it is likely that raised blood pressure is a response to headache than its cause.

Evaluation by a neurophysician seems mandatory to assess the findings of dilated CSF spaces and its relation to Headache in order to find out any obstructive pathology of CSF channels.

She can take a balanced diet including fair amount of proteins, vegetables, fruits etc and some multivitamin supplement like Surbex-T or Multibionta for general well being although we do not have any specific brain cell tonics unfortunately. But let us investigate her case further before embarking upon final judgement.


Dear Dr.
We are living in rawalpindi. Kindly suggest/guide about best neurophysician available in rawalpindi or islamabad along with the name of place like hospital, clinic where he/she see the patients.

Kind regards


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