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Author Topic: Health and Fitness Secrets  (Read 3981 times)

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Health and Fitness Secrets
« on: March 28, 2014, 03:41:02 PM »
Secrets of a Healthy and long Life.   

The quantity as well as quality of substances that enter your body affect your health tremendously

balanced diet height=156

Plan Your Intake  Balanced Diet

Your diet must include items from several of the food groups in recommended ratios.

Calorie Control
You must consciously manage your daily caloric intake according to your body needs which depend upon your weight, age, sex and physical activity or illness.

Daily average calories need.

Men : 1700 -2100 k/cal
Women: 1500 - 100%0 k/cal


 addiction height=156

Stay away from toxic substances.
No smoking.
No hashish, heroin, Liquor etc.
Stay away from atmospheric pollution ( If you cannot make your atmosphere pollution free).

Physical Activity 

Quit lethargic habits and start moving frequently. Add sports, gymnastics, jogging etc to your daily schedules.

 Regular Exercise

 cycling height=156

I have never seen fat people riding bicycles. Have you?

Move as much as possible. Sedentary habits make you fat. Throw away your lethargy and start moving as often as possible.
Quit the luxury of riding cars for reaching nearby destinations. Walk on foot or use a bicycle.
Don't look towards others to do your home chores. Move yourself to do your jobs. With each movement you burn some calories and loose a few grams of weight. Simple isn't it?

Weight Control

Ideal BMI is  19 - 24
BMI is weight to height ratio. Find your BMI with calculator in sidebar.
fat driver height=156

Stress Management  

Understand stress and be prepared to mange it whenever encountered in a tactful manner. Don't let it drive you crazy and secrete rivers of your adrenaline

 stress height=156

Make adjustments Stop worrying about small day to day affairs.
stop thinking about unforeseen.
stop thinking about things beyond your control.
Enjoy living in today.
Help others.
Rationalize your goals and don't let your competitiveness burn you out.

 Stress Management
 stress height=156
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