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Author Topic: Medical Information Websites  (Read 4479 times)

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Medical Information Websites
« on: April 10, 2014, 07:56:57 PM »
Medical Websites   

Important Pakistani pharmaceutical related official and  informative websites.   

Govt Official Websites

Ministry of Health Pakistan
DG Health Services Punjab
Pujab Gateway Health Department
Punjab Health Sector Reform Program
National Institute of Health
Trade Development Authority Pakistan
Pakistan WHO
Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association
Health Communications network Pakistan
PMA Punjab

Pakistani Doctors Websites

Pak Madinah Medical Forum
Association   of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America
Association of Pediatric Surgeons Pakistan
Pk Doctors
Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of the United Kingdom
Pakistan Islamic Medical Association
Dr Shahid (?)
Pakistan Society Neurosurgeons
Dr Shahzad Shams Neurosurgeon
Pak Doctors Info

Pakistani Medical Students Websites

Asian Medical Students Association
International Medical Graduates Advisors
TS Docs
Pakistani Foreign Medical Students
Drug Search Links

The Pharmaguide
Europian Pharmacopoeia

Drug Quality Control

ISO Pakistan
Pakistan Standards & Quality Control
Punjab Pharmaceutical quality control unofficial site
General Medical Information Websites

International Medical Information

International Classification of Disease WHO
International Online Pharmacopoea WHO
Evidence Base CAM Journal eCAM
American Medical Association
FDA (US Food & Drug Administration)
CDC (Centers for Disease Control)
Clinical Trials (American Gov Data)
NLM (US National Library of Medicine)

Patient Education

Merck Manual Free Online
Medical Uptodate Free Online
MedlinePlus Animated Tutorials
Harvard Health Topics
Family Doctor
MedInfo UK
AMA - Patient's Page
Cleveland Clinic
Young Women
American Academy of Paediatrics
Paediatric QA
Kids' Health
Mayo Clinic Disease Index
Oral Health (ADA)

Urdu Medical Information  Websites

Royal College of Psychiatrics
Health Information Net
Urdu Galaxy Health Section
Learn Pakistan Urdu Health Section
Urdu Fasting Benefits
NHS Sheffield
About Kids Health
health info blog

Medical Journals

Pakistani Medical Journals

List of CPSP Approved Indexed Medical Journals of Pakistan for Publication of Articles.
  Other Pakistani Medical Journals

Journal of Pakistan Medical Students
PakMedinet Indexed Medical Journals of Pakistan

Listings of International Medical Journals

Journal Seek
AMA Journals
BMJ Group
Oxford Medical Journals
Medical Journal Links
Directory Open Acess Journals
Indian Medical Journals
Wiki List of Medical Journals

Reputed International Journals

Medline Search

 Countrywise International Journals

American Journal of Medicine
New England Journal of Medicine
Australian Medical Journal
Irish Medical Journal
Canadian Medical Journal
South African Medical Journal
Systemwise International Journals

Medical Journal of Ausralia
Annals of Internal Medicine
Oxford Journals of Medicine
Professional Medical Journal
American Journal of Medicine
Journal of Clinical Oncology
CA: A cancer journal for clinicians
Diabetes Journal
Diabetes Care: American Diabetes Association
Infectious diseases
General Physiology
Paediatrics American
Paediatrics in Review
Redbook Paediatrics Vaccination
American Journal of Psychiatry
Journal of Neuropsychiatry
Academic Psychiatry
American Journal of Geriartric Psychiatry
Amercian Journal Public Health
British Journal of Radiology
Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine
British Journal of Sports Medicine
Clinical Chemistry
Journal of Clinical Investigation
Journal of Experimental Medicine
Journal of Nuclear Medicine
Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology
Molecular Endocrinology
Hormone Research
Molecular Biology
Journal of Biology

Medical Textbooks


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Re: Medical Information Websites
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nice sharing keep sharing more info