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Author Topic: male in icu due to stroke. urgent reply required  (Read 1534 times)

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male in icu due to stroke. urgent reply required
« on: November 20, 2012, 04:24:27 AM »
64 year old male had a stroke on 18.11.12. Since then he has had 5 strokes. 4 of them were after 9 hours interval whereas the 5th stroke was after 2 hours of the previous one. Each time, for 40 seconds his left arm and leg stop functioning. An MRI has been carried out and it shows clotting in the brain.
Patient had a heart bypass in 2002, also suffers from Sugar and High blood pressure.

CSF EXAMINATION/ DF SHOWS:                  RESULT                      NORMAL RANGE
COLOUR                                                 COLOURLESS                COLOURLESS
TRANSPARENCY                                       CLEAR                         CLEAR
COAGULUM                                             NIL                             NIL
C.S.F PROTEIN                                        109                            15-45MG/DL
GLUCOSE                                                56                             50-75MG/DL
CHLORIDE                                               124                            122-132MMOL/L
R.B.C                                                     NIL                             /HPF
W.B.C                                                    06                              <05MM3
TYPE OF CELLS                                  MOSTLY LYMPHOCYTES