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Author Topic: Stethoscopes BP online first time in Pakistan FOR young Doctors  (Read 3170 times)

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WE are professional Importer & distributor and in all our equipment's we have professional Bio medical Engineer to Install and give back up. We statred first time in Pakistan online stor for young  doctors ot buy USA Stethoscopes & BP apparatus from
(1)ECG single, THREE SIX & 12 channel & ECG workstations WITH iNTERPRETATION.
(2)Multiparameter Cardiac Monitor all sizes.
(3)Pulse oximeter finger digit hand held table top many varieties.
(4) Holter & Ambulatory BP
(6)EEG, EMG, PSG, Ten20 EEG paste EEG cables, EEG Caps, EEG eelectrodes, EMG eletrodes EMG Needles
(7) Ultrsound, ECHO, Color Doppler
(8)TENS and Physiotherapy range.
(9)MDF USA Stethoscopes, BP apparatus, Reflex hammers, Examination lights
(10)Anesthesia machines, ventilators