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Author Topic: Difference in PharmD, B Pharm and  (Read 2290 times)

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Difference in PharmD, B Pharm and
« on: February 15, 2012, 08:07:08 AM »
The real prospective is that there is no real difference in any of the degree as far you have no wishes to  study or work abroad. While living in Pakistan the chances of getting a better job or job promotion after upgrading your degree is very minimal. But yes sometimes it does pay. Getting a bigger degree always pays you a lot, there are posts which can only be taken by people holding certain degree as for example in certain companies  one can  become director only if he/she holds a PhD degree.

The difference in B-Pharms and Pharm D are not of importance here in Pakistan as here experience in the relevant field counts more than holding a certain degree. Yes it is of importance if you are applying for US , Canada or any other International University. There ,no one  recognizes Bpharm degree now but only PharmD degree is acceptable. Well what I can suggest is that upgrading your degree is always good as one must stands at a ground where he can lift or go anywhere whenever he wants.  So for professional development and for upgrading your CV one must aquire PharmD degree if he/she has a Bpharm degree.
Master in Pharmacy is a good professional degree with small scale research work. The research work teaches a student many things. It broadens the horizon of a student. Yet it also has its other benefits too, like it may help in acquiring better position in terms of job but nothing can be achieved without prior and required experience .After getting a Masters degree one can apply abroad for good scholarship programs of masters and PhD.
As a conclusion I can say that living in Pakistan if you have the opportunity to upgrade your professional experience you should do it. Sooner or later it will pay. But if you have the desire to live or work abroad you must upgrade your degree as soon as possible to get more chances at right time.

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Re: Difference in PharmD, B Pharm and
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2012, 01:51:51 AM »
Thanx Navera for this informative post.

Hope to hear more from you.

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