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Author Topic: Pakistan Medical & Dental Council: Scpoe & Functioning  (Read 3207 times)

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Pakistan Medical & Dental Council: Scpoe & Functioning
« on: October 10, 2011, 09:27:16 PM »
Pakistan Medical and Dental Council

The Council is a supreme body and takes all policy decisions regarding health affairs of Pakistan, it meets at least once in a year or as and when there are sufficient items for the agenda, which needs policy decisions. It acts through various Committees and Secretariat. The meetings of the Council are presided over by the President and in his absence by the Vice President.

Head Office

The Building of the Council is located at G-10/4 Islamabad. The Registrar is the principal functionary, responsible for all Secretariat work including implementation of the decision of the Council. The Secretariat keeps a close liaison with the Federal and Provincial Governments, Health Departments, Universities, Medical Colleges and allied agencies for speedy implementation and execution of the decision of the Council. It also keeps a liaison with Council and, licensing bodies in other countries to establish close contacts and develop mutual cooperation and understanding. It also initiates exchange of Medical Education Specialists with a view to study the system of undergraduate and postgraduate medical and dental education in various countries.

The Secretariat has sections, each working under the supervision of an officer.

  • Admin & Council Section, which Deals with admin & Council work
  • Recognition Section, that Recognizes qualification & experience
  • Registration Section,    Issues Registration certificates
  • Inspection Section, Inspection of Medical & Dental Colleges.
  • Computer Section, Computer work of all the Sections
  • Accounts Section, Deals with Accounts & Budgets.


The Council has following Committees for carrying out various functions: -
  • Executive Committee: It is responsible for administration, finance and other related matters and is composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary and five members of the Council.Following are the members of Executive Committee.
  • Standing Recognition Committee: It is responsible to equate and recognize the various degrees, which have not been mentioned in the various schedules of the Ordinance and obtained by the doctors from countries out side Pakistan. This Committee determines equivalence of foreign degrees with the Pakistani degrees. It also evaluate the teaching experience gained outside Pakistan in teaching institution to give them benefit for the purpose of appointments in Medical & Dental Colleges of Pakistan.
  • Curriculum Committee Medical.
  • Curriculum Committee Dental.
  • Disciplinary Committee.
  • Postgraduate Medical/Dental Education Committee: It is responsible to lay down the standard of Postgraduate Medical education leading to the degrees of F.C.S.P, M.D., M.S., Ph.D., M.Phil and diplomas in various Specialties. It regulates the system of postgraduate qualifications. The Postgraduate Medical Education Committee can invite the Deans of Postgraduate Medical Institutions and Representatives of Medical Colleges, which are involved in the postgraduate training, programs. The Vice president of the Council heads it.
  • Review Committee Of Rationalization Of Teaching Faculty Requirements And Inspection of Medical Institutions.
  • Review Committee Of Rationalization Of Teaching Faculty Requirements And Inspection of Dental Institutions.
  • National Examination Board: It conducts examination twice a year of foreign medical graduates. It comprises representative CPSP, Principal Rawalpindi Medical College, and Senior Professors of Rawalpindi & Khyber Medical Colleges.
  • Journal Review and Accreditation Committee.
  • Committee to suggest measures to combat quackery.
  • Law / Regulation Committee.
  • CPD and CME Committee.