Health Care System


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[1] Family Physician, GP Specialits or Specialist in General Practice.

[2] Alternate/ Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Integrated Medicine CAM

[3] Tib-e-Yunani, Hikmet, Hakeems, Desi Ilaaj, Tabeeb, Greek Medicine.

[4] Quacks, Quackery, Medical Malpractice, Healthcare menace, Patient Sufferings

[5] Modern Health Care System

[6] Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

[7] Pakistan Health Policy formulation Discussion & Proposals, Basic Health issues.

[8] Ayurvedic medicine, Ayurveda, Indian or Hindustani Medicine.

[9] Homeopathy, Homeopathic priciples, Treatment Scientific Evidence and Hahneman


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