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Author Topic: Modern Conventional Health Care System, Alternate Systems and Quackery  (Read 2867 times)

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Modern Conventional Health Care System, Alternate Systems and Quackery   

There is a Modern conventional treatment system which is based upon scientific research and facts. Then there are Alternate systems of healing belonging to different schools. They are usually resorted to in diseases for which the conventional treatment methods do not promise guaranteed cure. Some of them are based on traditional knowledge that has not undergone scientific research scrutiny so it may or may not be true. Some like homeopathy are based upon intrigued principles which have yet not been confirmed by existing scientific methods but they promise a lot for curing diseases. Last but not the least a strong mafia of Quacks is rampant in our society.

 Dilemma of a family seeking health advice: Unfortunately in this era of awareness many people in our society are   either unaware of the established conventional system of treatment or   they lack faith in it. Although people like to avail the latest   technologies to cater for their other daily needs but when it comes to   their health, they very often rely on obsolete, unproven, and hearsay   methods of treatment. There are many categories of health care givers in   the community among which one has to decide. Broadly speaking following treatment practices are prevalent in our society.

1. Conventional System of treatment

This is the modern, recognized, properly researched and standardized   system of treatment being practiced all over the modern world. In this   System we have doctors as well as medical technicians/assistants.   Doctors are authorized and qualified for independent practice while   technicians can work only under supervision of doctors due to their   insufficient background knowledge about health and disease. Among the   doctors there are GPs as well as specialists. The GPs have basic   knowledge and experience in all fields of medicine while the specialists   are expert in one specific field of medicine only.

  2. Alternative Systems

Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic, Herbal Medicine, etc are some of   the recognized alternate systems of healing. Unfortunately research in   the efficacy of these systems is not standardized and they often fail to meet the stringent needs of modern scientific methods. In addition the quality of training systems for practitioners in these fields in our country is   questionable. As their practitioners have to earn their livings so they   often claim high about their profession, but one has to think seriously   before exposing ones own self or family to the skills of those health   experts whose expertise or methods of cure are doubtful?

3. Quackery

Quacks  are the people who are either not trained in any of the   conventional systems of cure or they just have a superficial knowledge   about few tips and tricks but they claim  to be properly qualified doctors. These people basically play with the   psychology of people. They portray themselves as special gifted people   who have some secret knowledge about disease and health or they have   certain supernatural powers of healing. They usually relate stories of   miraculous healing to innocent people and thereby convince them to   become their victims. Commonest category of quacks in our society nowadays are the doctors' assistants or medical technicians. They work with some doctors for some time to get a know how of few common medical skills like giving injections and intravenous fluids. Thereafter they start their independent practice and start pricking any one and every one who enters their clinic with injection needles. They are a curse and responsible for spread of serious illnesses like Viral Hepatitis in our country. Because such people are not properly aware of any   of the arts of healing so their victims are highly insecure as they may   inflict losses to the patients through their ill devised curing methods.   Beware of them and stay away from them as far as possible. There are   different types of quacks which include half trained Dispensers,   Hakeems, Homeopaths, Peer Saahibaan, Siaanaas etc.
To solve the dilemma we should see how the Health System is functioning in the modern world.
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