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General Health & Disease Articles / Re: Health Tips - Diet
« on: February 07, 2018, 04:21:22 PM »
Full fat milk good for heart: Study
A research study conducted in a university of Denmark has revealed that milk with full fat is good for heart. The researchers have found out that it raises the levels of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in the blood flow.
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Many of us dont realise whether any particular ingredient in our toothpaste is beneficial or harmful for our teeth. In marketing and ads, the companies often claim one particular ingredient is the solution to all our oral hygiene concerns. Teeth whitening is one such selling point for marketers and many toothpastes today are sold in on this claim. discussed the issue with Dr Nigel Carter, a dentist, and found that natural ingredients like charcoal and coconut oil that are claimed to cure problems related to teeth are not as effective as shown on advertisement. A number of health specialists and experts have pointed out in recent times that fluoride, integral part of most toothpastes, is not the best remedy for tooth decay. It gives a permanent mottled appearance to teeth. Also, it causes risk of adverse effects on nervous system and brittle bone disease. Being another teeth whitener, sea salt in toothpastes endangers tge tooth enamel. It can hardly help prevent tooth decay. Sea salt products are relatively new and trendy in market. There is not much research to support their benefits for teeth. Charcoal is claimed to absorb toxins and germs from teeth. It has a history of being used to prevent poisoning, however, the ingredient is abrasive in nature. Charcoal can also cause damage to tooth enamel. Experts are not sure whether the amount of fluoride and charcoal used in toothpastes are satisfactory for teeth whitening as well as prevention of tooth decay. Further research is required to prove the claimed benefits of charcoal for teeth like removing stains that turn teeth yellow.
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