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Author Topic: Surgical Instrument Manufacturing Companies of Sialkot Pakistan  (Read 20732 times)

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This is a list of Surgical Instruments and Equipment manufacturing companies of Pakistan. Hub of Surgical Equipment manufacturing Industry Sector is Sialkot Pakistan.

If name of any significant surgical instrument manufacturing company has not been included in this list then please mention its name along with brief introduction and contact info including telephone number, email and website address in the comment space below. We will include it in the list.

   seven eight   pamirimpex   aliz

   adi   medisporex   4m surg

   alphamed   friends   azal

   barbareen   bhinder  billu surg

   cascade Surg   chaplet surg   raiment

   steig impex   ph industries  hitech surgical 

blue dolphin      dad son   daud jee

   buraq   doyen hercules   eagle

   iatoor   ifm brothers   iron art

   jr brothers   jiffy craft   lucky7

   whole surgical height=100  cc instruments  messad

   mahad   jnk   surgicose

   surgicrafts   walthem   bbs

   global   Gommos   cushy surgicals

   cynosure surg   toolmex surg   chand ji surg 
   amicus  alhaza surg   garana
  lebord   surgical smith  kirama 

  aak height=100       conqueror height=100  daim

   stellar   sanber   plico

   atn surg   gobble   euromed

  fambro    harley   healthco

   hilbro   hoa   pakline

   hitterimpex   pakprecise   primestar 

  rehman   reich   rmson

   mind works   curio   AI

   sultani   mughal   sky height=90 height=100

   skyman  snaa   sobytek

   fortune clipper    mtl instruments 

   njohn   globiz   

   khizer   venice   orthotec

   quality  scott   Link master

   shadab   beautyteck   coz

   wolplus   sabo surg  shahab surg

   target   uamf   welmed

   xenamed   ykt   hico

   master   qatada   skillco

   bizztrex   adam   aero

   blayer    candid   altaba

   knight   elite  gibzan

   paknorway   paradise   poras

   sympozeom   HMZ 
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Re: Surgical Instrument Manufacturing Companies of Sialkot Pakistan
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2015, 10:26:03 AM »
Scatter Instruments
West Murad Pur, Head Marala Road
51310 Sialkot Pakistan

Scatter Instruments offers an excellent range of Dental Instruments, General Surgery Instruments, Ophthalmology Instruments and Orthopedic Instruments manufactured from Japanese, German and Pakistani Stainless steel. We have professional approach in throughout product manufacturing process, from material to heat treatment, from pickling to electro-polishing, from fixing to ultrasonic cleaning. All products are hand finished to perfection, many years of experience and knowledge is behind our success.

Our 2 Website
1)           online Store
2)                       Inquiry Website

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Re: Surgical Instrument Manufacturing Companies of Sialkot Pakistan
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2015, 09:32:12 AM »
We are Manufacturer of Different types Surgical instruments Based in Small industrial estate, Sialkot, Pakistan. Sialkotop Surgical Is subsidiary of Al Ramzan tools International.

Our Contact information
SialkoTop Surgical
56, Galib Road, Small Industrial Estate, Sialkot 51310, Pakistan
Tel: 92 52 3241089 /

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Re: Surgical Instrument Manufacturing Companies of Sialkot Pakistan
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2016, 12:47:24 PM »
HI The best Surgical instrument in Pakistan
Visit the Blacksmith surgical site and you would be astounded of the assortment of surgical instruments makers that they fabricate and supply. The restorative gadgets that this organization has created are a consequence of a monotonous examination that has been completed by the specialists who have assisted in thinking of different plans for these apparatuses and tried them for their viability in the surgical operations. The Stainless steel surgical instruments are likewise composed with the right elements to upgrade their solidness. The greater part of the instruments by Blacksmith surgical is a superb Surgical Instrument Company we fabricate them utilizing stainless steel material that does not stain or rust effectively. The surgical instruments set by this organization generally contains all the obliged instruments that will be utilized as a part of undertaking a particular kind of operation. With the best arrangement of gear, any surgical operation is accepted to be fruitful.

Surgical Instrument Supplies Company

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Re: Surgical Instrument Manufacturing Companies of Sialkot Pakistan
« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2017, 05:13:08 PM »
“Khalil & Sons” are manufacturers & Exporters of medical instruments, The Company was registered by three brothers in 1980, who carried forwarded the family tradition with a long history of manufacturing & experience in the field of manufacturing instruments. It is our family Business which was started by our grandfather Mr. Muhammad Khalil (Late) as a local manufacturer of instruments in 1975; He earned a good reputation at domestic level by his craftsmanship & quality of instruments. Later he moved to international market along with his three sons, and then “KHALIL & SONS SURGICAL CORP” was established. They started export their high quality instruments into international market & got good response as they received by domestic market.

Now we are proud to announce over 40 years of experience in this business with our third Generation joining us now in this family business. Our long Manufacturing history is one important factor of our success in this field.

Main Products
Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Beauty Instruments, Orthopedic Instruments, Ophthalmic Instruments, TC Instruments, Hollow wears, Veterinary Instruments, Electro Surgical, Single Use surgical instruments Non Sterile.

“Khalil & Sons Surgical Corp”, has achieved all the necessary quality standard certifications. e.g.
ISO 13485:2003
CE Marking
District Health Sialkot
Sialkot Surgical Association
Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry

For More Info Please Visit Our Website:    /
Whatapp: +92 332 04 273 40
PH# +92 52 4 35 23 68